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A recovery service for people with addiction problems located in South Jakarta. At AlJahu Foundation, we adopt an approach that is tailored to the specific needs of our clients with a heavy focus on recovery and positive growth. In place we focus on helping clients regain confidence by learning methods for overcoming difficult situations and looking to an optimistic future.


Substance use Disorder are a problem. Everyone knows that. But, did you know that according to multiple studies, around 80% of high school seniors admit to drinking alcohol at least once.

Here are 11 other facts about Substance use Disorder that you probably did not know:

It is not just statistics. It is lives lost and lives ruined.

You have the power to say, this isn't it how will my journey end ...

Recovery is not a journey that must be taken alone. We are here to support and give you all that assistance You need. If you want to start the path of healing, we do talk to you.

aljahu foundation

Drugs Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Educational Program

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