Activities in the program rehabilitation at the AlJahu Foundation


Seminar is a tool for Intellectual Input and Cognitive Therapy. Where all the client will gain scientific and systematic knowledge about the understanding of addiction and things that are related to it, and what impact it will happens, and also how to or tips to overcome or
avoid it in everyday life applications. Seminar will be facilitated by the staff of the ALJAHU Foundation itself or other professionals from outside.


Individual Counseling is a counseling activity for client with their counselor or accompanying staff, where appropriate with the name “IC”. Held privately, the main goals are to help client to be more open minded and focus to the client problem solving skills. Counselor is expected to explore problems that occur internally, externally and to determine the appropriate treatment plan.


Dynamic Group is a group therapy that involves clients in a more dynamic form and tend to be more relaxed and informal, with guided by a staff in this Dynamic Group, preferably participation or active client involvement to be able to further explore the capabilities possessed by them, the presence of spontaneity, the emergence of self-confidence, as well as cooperation between them. The group material presented can vary such as games, watching movies together, telling stories, art project, etc.


Saturday Night Outing (SNO) is an activity for clients where they spend the night weekend outside the facility together with accompanied by staff. This SNO is also an activity to refresh conditions the feeling of the client after a full week of activities in the facilty. Here, apart from being together, clients will also get learningthat they also get to socialize again and have fun and enjoy life with spend the weekend healthy outside like everyone else without using Drugs.


Outing is a form of therapy activity which is recreational as a way of refreshing the client's feeling condition (Refresh Feeling) where the clients come out together from the facilty to visit tourist attractions or entertainment outside and accompanied by staff. With this outing activity the client also expected to get more learning about the values of togetherness and kindship, where they can enjoy entertainment in a healthy manner without using drugs. This outing was held periodically and approximately once a month or with prior notification, and adjusted with the circumstances and needs of the client.

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