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ALJAHU Foundation is a non-profit organization that was originally founded by a psychiatrist named Alexander Jacobus Hukom (A.J.Hukom) in 1998 together several members of his family who also work as a psychologist, psychiatrist and doctor a specialist in internal medicine, where the ALJAHU Foundation was established from the beginning is in the field of drug addiction treatment. Starting from just a detoxification treatment, then growing towards the management of mental disorders to a public clinic in collaboration with several nearby health centers in the provision of human resources and other services. 

At the beginning, the ALJAHU Foundation opened a general and mental clinic, as cases exploded narcotics abuse in 1998 with a large number of patients who were consulted and treated to ALJAHU Foundation then in 1999 opened a medical-based overnight rehabilitation up to 2001. In the period 2001 to 2007 ALJAHU Foundation used medical, religious and 12 steps methods. In the period 2007 to 2012, the ALJAHU Foundation experienced a vacuum, both the clinic and its rehabilitation not operating.

In 2012 a group of people struggled and worked in the field of prevention and abuse drugs have the idea to create a forum, place and recovery program for victims of abuse drugs with the same vis, mission, and goals in carrying out prevention and treatment efforts drug addiction. The initial process of opening the ALJAHU Foundation was also not easy because they had to discuss and dialogue with the founders of the ALJAHU Foundation regarding the reopening of the ALJAHU Foundation. Finally on in March 2013 the ALJAHU Foundation started running or started operating again. However until recently still has some challenges in implementing drug addiction prevention and treatment activities.

dr. Iskandar Irwan Hukom


Farid mubarak, EPGDAS, ICAP I


Yuliardi Xaverius S.Th

Program Manager 

Muhammad Asparroynie

Program Admin

 Ois Yunita Yusuf Karma

Public Relation 

Ahmad Yahya Jakia

Clinical Coordinator

Sonny Tri Purwanto, ICAP I

Supervisor Program

Abilio Fernandes da Silva SH, MH


Bagus Byon Rianda


Jaladri Budi

Admin Staff

Zulhairy Z. Arifin, SH., MBA


Yordan Setiawan, SE


Hendrik Azhar


Herik Banianto AR


Muhammad Taufan



Helping others with care and a sense of responsibility to the community and youth so that the next generation can be created a productive nation, free from drug addiction and its dangers.


Prevent the increase in drug problems and their effects. Creating a family of addicts in recovery to function effectively. Prepare addicts in recovery to be able to live a productive independent life.



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aljahu foundation

Drugs Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Educational Program

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